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Acer campestre  L.

Common name: Common maple
Family: Aceraceae.
Functional Life form: small-medium deciduous tree.
Ecological Role and distribution: typical of plain and hilly areas of the Apennine and Alps in the woods and hedgerows. Frequently associated with ash, hazel and oak
Lifespan, yrs (typical/max): 100/120
Height, m: 5-15
Canopy Tree: no
Pollination Agent: insects
Flowering Dates: early spring
Flowers/Cones Damaged by Frost: no
Seed fall Begins: early fall - winter
Dispersal Agent: gravity, wind
Season of Germination: spring
Substrate: indifferent about substrate, frequent in calcareous soil and clay-calcareous soil
Light: heliophyte
Moisture: moderately xerophilous
Temperature: moderately termophilous