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Castanea sativa Miller

Common name: sweet chestnut
Family: Fagaceae
Functional Life form: large deciduous tree
Ecological Role and distribution: widespread in the hilly areas between 200 and 800 m. Probably indigenous but its areal has been extended for the cultivation of its edible nuts since roman times
Lifespan, yrs (typical/max): 300/800
Height, m: 30- 40
Canopy Tree: yes
Pollination Agent: wind
Flowering Dates: spring
Flowers/Cones Damaged by Frost: no
Seed fall Begins: fall
Dispersal Agent: gravity, zoocory
Season of Germination: spring
Substrate: deep acid soil
Light: shade tolerant
Moisture: moist required with an optimum around 1000 mm
Temperature: requires a mild climate and it is sensitive to late spring and early autumn frosts