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A framework for the four level II CONECOFOR sites, located within the study area, was produced.

1. Monte Rufeno (09 – LAZ1) - Quercus cerris

2. Monte Circeo (22 – LAZ2) - Quercus ilex

3. Selva Piana (01 – ABR1) - Fagus sylvatica

4. Rosello (21 – ABR2) - Quercus cerris

Quercus cerris seems to show a great capacity to adapt to the new climatic regime so as to increase both the spatial distribution and the abundance. The same result is expected for Quercus ilex, even if the analyse trend should show a different trend with a reduction of abundance. Fagus sylvatica is proved to be one of the most effected species by climate change in term of decreasing distribution and abundance. However the analysed site should represent a potential refugia for its survival.