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Ostrya carpinifolia  Scoop.

Common name: hop-hornbeam
Family: Corylaceae
Functional Life form: medium deciduous tree
Ecological Role and distribution:  common in the basal areas of the Alps and in the sub mountain belt of the Apennine chain. Rare in the alluvial plains and the Mediterranean region. It growths in association with Quercus cerris, Quercus pubescens, Fraxinus ornus
Lifespan, yrs (typical/max): 150/200
Height, m: 20
Canopy Tree: yes
Pollination Agent: wind
Flowering Dates: late spring
Flowers/Cones Damaged by Frost: no
Seed fall Begins: winter-spring
Dispersal Agent: gravity, zoocory (birds)
Season of Germination: spring
Substrate: It has its optimum growth in calcareous or weakly acid soils
Light: lightly sciaphilous
Moisture: more xerophilous than European hornbeam, with more demand of water than the other competitive species, especially Quercus pubescens and Fraxinus ornus
Temperature: more thermophilous than European hornbeam