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Ulmus minor  Mill.

Common name: Small-leaved Elm
Family: Ulmaceae
Functional Life form: small-medium deciduous tree
Ecological Role: common in many plant associations up to 1000 m of altitude especially in mixed woods of broad-leaved species such us Quercus pubescens, Quercus ilex and Quercus cerris
Lifespan, yrs (typical/max):150-200 (sometimes much more)
Height, m: 30
Canopy Tree: yes
Pollination Agent: wind
Flowering Dates: early spring
Flowers/Cones Damaged by Frost: no
Seed fall Begins: early fall - winter
Dispersal Agent: gravity, wind
Season of Germination: spring
Substrate: deep soil, well drained, rich in humus, both calcareous and siliceous.
Light:  heliophyte but shade tolerant
Moisture: mesophyte
Temperature: termophilous